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The Log Home Store is one of the largest sources of authentic rustic décor; a handpicked collection of decorative accessories and furnishings to compliment every room in your home, cabin, lodge or... apartment. Discover an unparalleled collection of handcrafted lighting, elegant bedding & pillows and charming cabin-style dinnerware. We can help you to create a distinctive rustic ambiance for your home. From the den to your kitchen, bedrooms, bath, hearth and hallways... find incredible decor selections for every room of your home.  We are committed to first class service and unsurpassed quality!  Try us and you'll agree!

Inspired by nature

You created your dream.  You built an extraordinary home and now you want to decorate it in a way that completes your vision. The Log Home Store can help you with those essential finishing touches! The products we feature are inspired by nature and the finest craftsmen in the industry. See all we offer, browse our sitemap.


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Clicking on the little bear welcome sign on the top left of every page will bring you back to this main menu. Incidentally, that welcome sign is available for sale here.

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The pictures on this page represent a small portion of the rustic decorating products we feature on this website. We have rustic décor furnishings from basic necessities like glassware, log bedroom suites and rustic lighting to southwestern chairs, bar stools and collector edition artwork, the Log Home Store can add the ultimate touch to every room!  The best gift idea... buy a gift certificate - solve your shopping dilemma!

Quality rustic décor and gifts inspired by nature's brilliance!

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Buy your log home...Buy YOUR log home - more information...

You might be wondering where is the best place to buy a real log home?  Well wouldn't the most logical place be a Log Home Store?  Yup, good guess... besides the huge selection of log furniture and rustic decor you'll find on this website, we are proud to announce that we have partnered with America's premiere log home manufacturer, PrecisionCraft

This is not your typical 'me too' log and timber frame home company, PrecisionCraft is the recognized industry leader in upscale, quality log homes. They have won every imaginable award for design and quality product, and if you are in the market for a log or timber frame home that far exceeds what you can get from those cookie-cutter manufacturers, check out PrecisionCraft.  Get their FREE Idea Book and Technical Guide!


Black Forest Decor


Rustic fireplace tools and screens... moreDo you remember?

...that old TV commercial where Victor Kiam (owner of Remington Products) says "I liked it so much I bought the company".  Well, we couldn't afford to buy any companies, but we love this rustic decor so much we own many of the hundreds of items you will find in this store.  The cute black bear paper towel holder graces our kitchen counter. and we have the bear coat rack, salt & pepper shakers and countless other items decorating our log home. It is my hope you enjoy your shopping experience as much as you will appreciate owning these fine products.

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Montana Tom

PS:  If you are a rustic decor aficionado, you will not find a better selection of excellently crafted, quality products that which we have selected for you. Enjoy!

~ Hundreds of New products added in October 2007!!! items added! ~


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