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Got towels?  Get Rustic!

Decorating is an art.  Rustic decorating is a challenge......

To be certain, anyone can run through a department store and snatch a few Chinese-made knick-knacks, maybe a beautiful landscape picture in a three-dollar frame, a wicker dining room suite and some gilt candelabras and pronounce the home as "ready for company".

Decorating isn't limited to the den and great room, most of us like to carry our theme throughout our home.  From the bath and bedroom to the kitchen and den.

Victor Kiam, the owner of the famous Remington Shaver company starred in his own television commercials in the 80's spouting his famous tag line, "I liked it so much I bought the company".  Well, we couldn't afford to buy any companies, but we love this rustic decor so much we own many of the hundreds of items you will find in this store.

Bear paper towel holder for the kitchen

Some examples include the cute black bear paper towel holder graces our kitchen counter. We also have the bear bear coat rack, and the salt & pepper shakers and countless other items decorating our log home. It is my hope you enjoy shopping with us as much as you will appreciate owning these fine products.

Moose paper towel holder for the kitchen


Coat Rack Collection  Rustic Kitchen Accessories



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